Kristiina Mäntynen – Architecture, Consulting and Courses


Kristiina Mäntynen is an Architect, MA, and a professional Feng Shui Consultant specialized in Feng Shui architecture. She has studied traditional Chinese Feng Shui since 1990, for example with
Master Joseph Yu (Feng Shui Research Center),
Feng Shui Architect Howard Choy (FSA),
Master Jes T. Y. Lim (Qi-Mag Institute)
and Master Derek Walters.

Studies and conferences in detail.

Kristiina has worked full time with Feng Shui since 1999
and done hundreds of Feng Shui consultations in Finland and abroad
in China, Germany, Iceland, India, Netherlands, Russia, Spain and USA.
She has also planned dozens of houses based on Feng Shui principles
and been teaching Feng Shui continuously since 1994
both in Finland and abroad.
Kristiina is the founder and the Chair of the Finnish Feng Shui Association
and a member of the Professional Astrologers' Association in Finland.

Radio interview in English:
DongXiNanPei -radio, 14.6.2017
Videos in English:
The 9th Feng Shui Society Conference, London, 9.5.2015
ISNA-MSE XII World Conference, Hämeenlinna, 31.10.2014
Moscow Feng Shui Convention, 30.-31.3.2013
Photos from the Moscow Convention

Kristiina Mäntynen, Architect, MA
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